Types of Sentences

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Sentences are used to express oneself and they can either be questions, exclamations, or statements. We will examine the types of sentences in French in this article.

A sentence in French is called une phrase.

La phrase assertive ou déclarative

These are sentences that assert a particular thought. They are declarative in nature and can be either positive or negative. They end in periods.


  • J’ai faim. (I am hungry)
  • Je ne suis pas content. (I am not happy)
  • Ça ne me regarde pas. (It is none of my business)
  • Je suis intéressé. (I am interested)

La phrase interrogative

These are questions used to ask about something or someone. They end with a question mark

Note: For French questions, there is always a space between the final word and the question mark


  • Tu es ici ? (Are you here?)
  • Où est Jean ? (Where is Jean?)
  • Comment allez vous ? (How are you doing?)
  • Pouvez-vous nous aider ? (Can you help us?)

La phrase exclamative

These are exclamations that show surprise, anger, or indignation. They end with exclamation marks although they often times look like declarative sentences.

Note: There is always a space between the last word and the exclamation mark.


  • J’espère que non ! (I hope not!)
  • Ils sont si beaux ! (They are so handsome!)
  • C’est une idée fantastique ! (That’s a fantastic idea!)

(Here are some other types of exclamations)

La phrase impérative

These are commands. They are given without a subject. The verbs are also written in a particular conjugation form called the imperative. The verb is either in the singular or plural “you”: tu or vous.

When using the imperative, it can end with an exclamation mark or full stop.


  • On y va ! (Let’s go)
  • Sois patient ! (Be patient)
  • Fais les ménages. (Do the cleaning.)

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