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French Exclamations

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Les Exclamations

When speaking, these are words or interjections that show a number of emotions we feel and want to express. Exclamations are most times particular to culture and each language has its own set.


Miam miam!This is used to express that something is delicious or tastes good

Bof ! This is used to express the poor/below satisfactory quality of something

Aïe! — This is used to express a feeling of pain or discomfort

Chut! — This is used to request silence

Comment! What!

Oh la la! — This is used to express surprise or pity

Exclamative Adjectives

These usually have Quel/Quelle at the beginning:

Quel homme! — What a man!

Quelle bonne idée! — What a good idea!

Quel dommage! — What a pity!

Exclamative Adverbs

These use “comme” “qu’est-ce que” “que” “que de/d’ ” at their beginning:

Comme elle est mince! — She is so slim!

Qu’est-ce que je suis belle! — I sure am beautiful

Que c’est delicieux! — It is so delicious!

Que d’argent (used front of nouns to stress abundance) — So much money!

The Conjunction “Mais”

Mais can also be used as an exclamation:

Mais non! — Of course not!

Mais bien sûr! — But of course!

Thank you for reading this article; we hope you learned some new expressions. Remember to clap and follow us for more. If you have questions, you can leave them in the comments.

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