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Why you cannot just start with an all French-language textbook as a beginner

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2 min readMay 31, 2022


Hello, Bonjour, comment vous allez?

Welcome to my channel. I am Lase, an avid language learner here to help you navigate your language learning journey in the most straightforward ways possible. In each of my videos, I will be sharing helpful resources for you to use.

Today, the first resource I will be sharing is something I have learned myself as a language learner: always use materials with relatable content.

There is this belief that if you study materials higher than your current proficiency level, you will grow better and faster. I don’t know if this works for other areas, but I know it does not always work for language learning.

I remember when I had just started my French language journey. I would pick up an all-French language textbook, and guess what? I ended up with a headache after less than five minutes of reading.

You should not expect to magically understand the grammatical rules or vocabulary of a language that you have never studied from scratch before. The kind of materials (like textbooks) you need mix your primary language and your target language. This way, your mind can create connections between both and follow better with each lesson.

The method of immersion does work for several persons, but whether you like it or not, at some point, you still need to bring your mind to some relatable content at its level, which would help it understand better. This relatable content can either be gestures, words, pictures, or sounds without which no learning would occur. Why do you think that you still understand nothing after sitting beside a French speaker for over 2 hours and listening to them talk? There is no relatable content!

Save your mind the stress and take the time to find some.

Need resources for the French language; you can check my description below.

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